Technical & Marketing

Ingredients Plus Technical and Marketing
Technical Support

Ingredients Plus has well stablished Technical & Marketing teams and fully equipped laboratories in Kuala Lumpur. They provide formulation, analytical, testing and training support with a primary focus on Beauty and Personal Care applications. They are also used to work on confidential customer specific projects. This is complimented with a team of dedicated experienced staff throughout the region providing technical assistance to customers from product-concept to scale-up and launch. Together with our partners, we offer a comprehensive range of technical support with market-focussed expertise.

Marketing Support

Ingredient Plus always has a eye on the future – looking at the latest trends and opportunities. The one permanent in business has always been change, so it’s important to understand the latest developments in the market and then to predict, shape and capitalize on opportunities as they develop. We bring a balanced mix of quantitative and qualitative research to customers. This is often translated into prototype formulation kits or dynamic customer seminars and training sessions.

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