Sales & Customer Service

Ingredients Plus Sales and Customer Service
Sales and Customer Service – Dedicated to Serve

At Ingredients Plus, support is always within easy reach when you need answers or assistance. We have specialist sales and customer service teams who understand your challenges. Our people are service orientated – reliable and responsive. We also encourage innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across the whole business. So whether you need in-depth technical expertise or a just some fresh new ideas, we have the right people to help you.

Sampling Service – Secure, Safe and Reliable

At Ingredient Plus we understand that innovation starts with an untested idea. Our sampling service helps you to properly evaluate products before you scale-up. Product samples are dispatched from our purpose-built facilities, with support documentation such as Certificates of Analysis (where appropriate). We employ the highest regulatory and safety standards in our sampling procedures. We can supply samples for all applications – secure, safe and reliable.

Whatever you need just call us. We will be pleased to help. Quickly and reliably.