Logistics & Distribution

Ingredients Plus Logistics and Distribution
Success doesn’t come from just breakthrough innovation

In Logistics & Distribution it also comes from flawless execution. However, the best supply chains aren’t just fast and cost-effective. They are also agile and adaptable.

At Ingredient Plus, supply chain and stock management is an integral part of our business. We have our own warehouse facilities in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand (our own transport is used). We leverage a global logistics network and use a ‘hub and spoke’ distribution model. Principals deliver to a central point from which we distribute onwards to local centres and customers direct.

We are fully compliant with local legal, regulatory and ethical standards. This guarantees safe and optimum storage conditions, quality, supply and on-time delivery. So you can buy in full confidence.

In addition we provide a repacking and blending services from our Sydney Head Office, adhering to strict quality systems and in accordance with industry standards. We also provide Pharma, feed and food storage to accredited standards.

Ingredients Plus can tailor specific solutions to meet your needs. Customers can buy in bulk and/or consolidate purchases to take advantage of a one-stop-shop approach. We also carry stocks to ensure a “just in time” delivery for our customers.

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